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Christmas package of vitality and beauty

Package: 1x WATER + 1x REVITALIZE

Gift: 1x PROTECT + Termoglass Ramissio + gift bag


Experience Christmas in all its beauty and vitality with a gift package from Ramissio.
Ramissio Water is an enriched collagen mixture ensuring beauty from the outside as well as from the inside. In addition, it contains coenzyme Q 10, hyaluronic acid and a number of vitamins and minerals. Collagen reliably relaxes stiff joints and the skin acquires a youthful appearance even during the cold winter months. Ramissio Revitalize is a tasty drink containing Aloe vera, which will help harmonize your digestive system and relieve your intestines. These are more stressed during the winter, especially when we do not have a sufficient intake of fresh vegetables containing fiber.
In the package you will also find the Protect detoxification peel, a thermo glass with a bamboo lid for comfortable use. All in a luxury paper bag with the Ramissio logo.
Ramissio Protect is a purely herbal detoxification treatment that pays off to enter any season. It works as a reliable cleansing prevention against the settling of foreign organisms in the body.


Offer is valid until 17 December 2020 or while stocks last.

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WATER - more information
Expiration date: 5/2021

REVITALIZE - more information

Expiration date: 5/2021

PROTECT - more information

Expiration date: 3/2021

Content of the set:

1x Ramissio Revitalize
1x Ramissio Protect
1x Luxury paper bags
1x Ramissio Water
1x Bonus - Lotus spoon Ramissio
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